Q1. How can I book flights on bunnyfair?

It is very convenient to book flights on bunnyfair. All you have to do is fill up a form telling us your requirements like round-trip or one-way flights, departure and arrival terminals, departure and return dates, and number of passengers with class-type. Click on submit button and sit back. One of our customer care executives will instantly call you, offering different deals on flight bookings. Or you can directly give us a call on our number +1 888 533 6073.

Q2. Can I book flights to any destination on bunnyfair?

Yes, you can book flights to different destinations across the world with bunnyfair.

Q3. Can I get refund if I cancel my bookings?

Yes, getting refund is hassle-free with bunnyfair if you cancel your bookings due to any reason. We will initiate the refund back to your bank account.

Q4. Can I book last-minute flights on bunnyfair?

Most of the flights need 2-3 days for flight booking confirmation, so getting a last-minute flight can be a bit difficult. However, you can contact our customer support and check for possibilities, if any.

Q5. What all products does bunnyfair deal in?

As of now, we only deal in flight bookings.

Q6. Can I make flight bookings on bunnyfair directly over a call?

Yes, you can either fill up a form telling us your requirements and we will give you a call back or you can directly call us and make your bookings directly over a call.

Q7. Can I select seats as per my preference?

You can tell us your seat preference over the call and if possible, we will allot you your desired seat preference.

Q8. Where can I check the status of my bookings?

If you have created your account on our website, you can log-in to your profile and check the status of your bookings.

Q9. What are some different class-types offered by airlines?

Most of the airlines in the USA majorly offer three class types which are business-class, first-class and economy-class. The services and benefits of each of this class type vary from airline to airline.

Q10. What does one-way and round-trip flights mean?

One-way flights are those which are booked just for one location and you do not come back to your departure location back whereas round-trip flights are those flights which will bring you back to your departure location.

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